Legend has it that The Secret Goldfish first made his appearance in October 2010, when incredible loaves of homemade bread started showing up on the tables of a few happy customers around Los Angeles.  Since then The Secret Goldfish has been spotted more often as word of his tasty wares spreads across the city.

We first joined forces with The Secret Goldfish when we realized there were not many options for delicious and healthy fresh bread in the city, that many regular supermarket loaves were full of preservatives and other unsavory ingredients, and that special artisan loaves were either difficult to find or too expensive to be considered a normal grocery item for many people.

Our aim is to bake our favorite types of bread for the people of the city we love, to capture our region’s unique flavors, to keep our prices reasonable while still using wholesome and natural ingredients (choosing organic and sourcing locally whenever we can), to actively participate in our community, and to be a true family business – by a family, for other families.

Please visit us at www.secretgoldfishbaking.com to learn more about us, see our menu and photos of our products, and to place an order!


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