Beautiful Food

Yesterday around 5:00 pm we received a phone call that instantly kicked our adventure into the land of wheat, water, and yeast up to the next level — it was the Santa Monica Sunday Farmers Market Manager informing us that The Secret Goldfish has been accepted to become a vendor at the market starting in October!  We are completely thrilled about this opportunity to become a part of what we believe is one of the most important and very best parts of this wonderful city we call home.

Beautifully simple food from the Farmers Market and the Community Garden

To us, food is magical, deserving of our reverence and respect.  It connects us to our families, to nature, to our history and culture, and to one other.  It nourishes, sustains, fulfills, and thrills us.  With its endless diversity it challenges us to keep an open mind and enjoy trying new things.  A stroll through the farmers market on any given day (and you can literally find one every day of the week in locations across Los Angeles and across the country) reveals sublimely simple treasures; vibrant green tomatillos wrapped like tiny gifts in their own tissue paper lanterns, peppers in every color from sunshine yellow to midnight purple and ranging from sweet to fiery hot, bright bunches of carrots reclining cheerfully in woven baskets, mysterious and exotic mushrooms peeking out from brown paper sacks, zesty herb bouquets, patchwork arrangements of berries in their signature green mesh baskets…the list of delights is endless.

Did you know beans came in purple?

Farmers Markets are a beautiful experience for all five senses, and it’s no wonder that so many people flock to them to do their shopping.  After all, the markets are not only a pleasure to attend but they’re also located right in our own neighborhoods, which is both convenient and conducive to creating a healthy sense of pride and kinship between neighbors.  They also give us the opportunity to buy our food directly from our local farmers, which is a good thing for both farmers and consumers in a world where food and agriculture are increasingly dominated by pesticides, genetically engineered foods, preservatives, and other unsavory products and practices that can endanger our health and the environment.  Food is meant to be simple, and when we let it grow naturally we can all enjoy and appreciate the results without worrying about whether it’s safe to eat.

Freshly harvested garden produce

The Secret Goldfish Baking Co. is honored to join such an excellent institution as the Santa Monica Farmers Market, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary next month.  We have enjoyed the markets for many years as customers, and now we will have the great privilege  of serving our customers our handcrafted breads, cookies, biscuits, and other treats as they do their weekly grocery shopping on Main Street.  When you buy our baked goods you can be sure you are getting the very best, as we always use the finest organic, fair trade, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients we can find, including produce from some of the farmers who will be our new neighbors at the market!  We buy the organic rosemary and sage for our specialty breads from Maggie’s Farm, our organic walnuts from Rancho La Viña, and our pesticide-free kalamata olives and olive oil from Adam’s Ranch.  Yum!

Beautiful bounty at the Farmers Market

We want to express our gratitude to our customers, supporters, family, and friends for the incredibly generous testimonials you left for us as we worked hard to complete our Farmers Market application.  We know your words were instrumental in showing the Farmers Market Committee that we are dedicated to the quality of our products, to the integrity of our ingredients, and to building a strong relationship with our customers and our community.  We would not be here without you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Come visit us in October, will ya?

Until next time,



3 responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, MOLLY. I used to live within walking distance to that market and I remember when it first opened. I can’t believe it’s been so long. You must be delivering one great product to now be included in such great company. I miss living in Santa Monica now that I know you’ll be there.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Molly & Mike!!! I am so thrilled for you and your presence there makes me want to rush back. Well maybe in the winter! How fortunate for the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and its customers! -Steven

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